Proficient with a variety of languages including Ruby, Python, and Javascript (ember/nodejs/jquery), PHP and more. Experienced with large scale distributed systems, API development, virtualization, and high volume data management. Maintains a focus on clean, scalable and well written code while keeping complexity at an absolute minimum.

Game Designer / Ludologist

I enjoy studying the abstract pieces that comprise games, as well as how games fits into the bigger pictures of social interactions and society as a whole. Games are one of the few cross-cultural mediums that people across the globe understand, be it board games, sports, game shows, or storytelling games.

Additionally, I am a hobbist Game Designer/Developer. My personal favorites are tabletop games, ranging from card games to board games, with a bit of dabbling in digital mediums.


My family began with my wife, Chelsi, in 2006. Since then, we have grown to include my two sons, Lee and Jacob, and my two daughters, Amanda and Kylie. Definitely the coolest kids in existence.


Above all other hobbies, trades and skills, I am a creator. I am not content to sit back and consume content without wanting to contribute. This means there are many things I may never master, but am passionate about. My current list of interesting things include

  • Fine Woodworking
  • Electronics (raspberry pi & arduino)
  • Digital Art
  • Writing
  • Game Design
  • Modeling and Painting