RaidQuest is a co-operative card game in which one to four heroes set out to destroy the Captain Strongbow. On their journey they encounter many henchmen, cursed treasures, weapons, and prepare for the final battle against the evil pirate captain



Attack Value


The game is played in a series of rounds. Each round is comprised of 4 phases: Cooldown, Action, Attacked, Reinforcements. These are explained in more detail below


Each action you take will either be to put an item in play, or to use an ability

Items stay in play until destroyed. When an item is destroyed, remove it from the game entirely

Abilities are actions that can be taken multiple times during the game. Abilities have a number of symbols in the top lefthand side. Whenever you play an ability, you put a number of counters equal to the number of icons. (See Cooldown)

Most abilities have a symbol on the bottom left corner. When you play the ability, you may damage a single minion equal to the abilities attack value. Items with an value or effects such as Battle Cry are also added.

If, after an ability resolves, a minion has damage equal or exceeding its it is destroyed (see Leveling Up).

Leveling up

When a minion is killed, a hero levels up!

Chose one of the lowest level heroes (one with the most cards remaining in their draw deck) to draw a card

Winning and Losing

At the end of the reinforcements step, if any hero has no cards in their draw deck, the overlord appears. Put him onto the battlefield along with the current minions.

If the overlord (Captain Strongbow) is killed, the party wins.

If everyone in the party is killed by having damage equal to their health, the players lose.

Print and Play

Player cards can be found here

Enemy cards can be found here

Note on theme

RaidQuest is designed to accomadate any combinations of themes and art styles. The original incarnation was build using zombies controled by an Evil Necromancer. Hero classes can be modified to suit the theme as well

This game was also designed to allow for expansions. Additional monster groups, heroes and more players. With expansions, you also could allow for players to mix and match cards of different expansions.