Tournament Play

Tournament Play is a game for the seriously competitive. Or not. Your objective is to score in as many tournaments as possible, thru strenuous playtesting and preparation, intentional sabotage, or simply blind dumb luck.

Print and play setup

Print the cards from here. They should be scaled correctly, but I suggest printing a single page first to make sure.

Still need the tournament cards

Not sure how people can (reasonably) custom print their own dice.


Until I can get a custom font with icons, the following symbols will have to do.
#-1 to your score
++1 to your score
+ ++2 to your score


Card Types

Other Terms



The game is played over a series of rounds, or tournaments. Each round is comprised of 3 parts: Announcement, Tournament, and Results


The first thing that happens each round is a new tournament card is revealed. Draw a new tournament card from the top of the deck and reveal it to all players

Some tournaments give a bonus to the winner. If the text begins with "Winner:" the effect is only applicable after the tournament is won.

Other tournaments' text will change the current tournament scene by adding or removing dice, making some decks better, or assisting certian players.


Let the games begin! Tournaments have two parts: Dice and Actions.

As we all know, luck sometimes influences the outcome of a tournament. That's where the dice come in. Before anything else this phase, each player rolls their dice (typically 4) and places the result in their Active Pool.

Even after the die are cast, strategic planning and a little bit of backstabbing can alter the course of the event. Beginning with the player with the first player and proceeding clockwise, each player chooses to take an action until all players consecutively pass.

Actions a player can take on their turn are:

  • Pass
  • Play an action card
  • Use a special ability (see below)


To play an action card, it must be in your hand. Place the card in the discard pile and apply the effects.

Special Abilities

Special abilities are actions on characters and most decks beginning with one or more "*"s. To use a special ability, a player must move a "*" dice from their active pool into the Extra Pool for each "*" in the abilities cost. Once that is done, apply the effect of the action.

Note - A special cannot be chosen if a player would not have enough "*" dice to pay for that action.


Once all players are done playing actions, its time to reveal the winner. Each player should total up all of the +'s across dice and actions, minus the number is X's. The player with the highest total wins the tournament! They take the tournament Card and put it next to their Character (see winning below)

In the case of a tie, all tied players play in the finals. Each player picks up all 5 of his/her dice and rolls them. Add the total as before, ignoring any specials or action cards. If there is still a tie, repeat this step.

After the winner is determined, each player draws 3 cards.


As soon as a player has 10 or more points that player is the Season Champion.